What We Do

 At CHealthInspiros we maximise the launch and  team performance of our clients in the consumer health and wellness sectors. We bring clarity through our external lense, and years of experience to your project.  Using our client based background and consulting expertise we can help you develop a culture of launch excellence, ensuring your plans are designed to meet the most current health and wellness landscape, and support your cross-functional team with their ways of working.  All of these are factors in the successful execution of your Launch, Organisation, Function or Brand strategy.

(Wow, that’s a VERY corporate way of saying we help you achieve more!!)

ChealthInspiros Consulting

What we do

We maximise launch and team performance. Whether you are working on a launch project, a transformation project or an integration project, we’ll help you to meet your end goals by making sure you are working in an iterative, agile way and not assuming that your goal when you start out, will remain the same, as our health and wellness world changes around us



At CHealthInspiros we have all of the expertise, knowledge and ‘hands on’ experience to ensure successful launch planning and execution. Having worked with multiple clients to improve their launch processes and design launch frameworks (at company-wide, category or function level), we have lots of experience in providing the right solutions to improve launch capabilities within your Organisation. Whether you are 36 months or 3 months from launch, we can assess the health of your launch project plan and your Organisation’s launch processes to help you to take immediate corrective action if required or to ‘dial up’ those elements of your current practices that are working well.



At CHealthInspiros we design and facilitate interactive collaborative solutions tailored to the size and structure of your team (remote or face to face) to help you co-create your organisational, brand or departmental strategy for the next 1-3 years. We build in plenty of time for focused discussion, challenge, and fun ways to encourage idea generation around your strategy and then the tactics required to execute it.

If you already have your defined strategy or Business plan for the year, we can design working sessions to turn your strategy into your annual operational plan . We ensure that your day to day work stays true to your strategy, and that templates are in place for you as a team to track your progress throughout the year.



As well as supporting you with your strategy and planning – if required we can stick with you to ensure you are on track to reach your goals. We can oversee your projects with a PM, having equipped them with the CHealthInspiros consistent high standard of essential yet pragmatic agile project management and continuous improvement tools.
Equally, if you would like to ‘up-skill’ your teams with essential yet simple project management training we can write and facilitate Project Management training courses tailored to your teams. In summary, for all things Project Management – talk to us !

What People Say…

The project management training that Inspiros developed for us was pitched at exactly the right level for the type of project management needed to coordinate the launch of this product and our future NPD.  I feel I have all of the essential stages of a project covered and it’s increased my confidence to manage other projects in the future

Launch Excellence Project Manager – Large Global Healthcare Organisation

Jane and team supported us to ensure we had all of the boxes ticked for the launch of a new product.  I felt that the experience Inspiros brought, having worked on so many launches in the past meant that they were another trusted pair of eyes and ears for me as the Marketing lead.  They provided structure yet didn’t over-burden us with rigid process

Marketing Manager, Adult Skincare– UK & Ireland Healthcare Organisation


Whether you are a Global Launch Excellence support platform looking to provide your teams with a consistent blueprint for launch success, an individual Country launch lead or are about to embark on your first launch -  we can support you at Local, Regional or Global level to give you a headstart in executing your launch successfully.

We will listen to understand where you are now, and design a blended program of solutions for the total cross-functional team to improve the way you work together and set you on track for a successful launch.


 We can support you with  flexible or retained project management support from project managers who all have with first-hand experience of Pharma and consumer health.    It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out on your project or are 75% of the way through and need that last push to hit your delivery or launch date.  

If you are an organisation with multiple projects to manage we can also support with tools, processes and people to manage your projects to Inspiros Consulting's standards. Training courses to up-skill your teams in project management essentials are also right up our street! 


It's not just launch strategy that we support you to execute. Operationalising your Brand plans, or setting out your  tactical plan to execute your organisation or department's strategy are just as important. We are experts at designing fun interactive sessions to get the total team's thoughts and plans for the year ahead documented.

Once you have agreed upon your plan, we can stick with you to make sure you have the very best chance of tracking your progress as a team and have appropriate metrics in place to know whether you are on track to achieve your goals.    

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